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Nonton film The Kodai Family subtitle indonesia

The Kodai Family

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Year: Duration: 116 MinView: 11 views
1 votes, average 10.0 out of 10

Kie Hirano (Haruka Ayase) is an ordinary OL who often daydreams. Mitsumasa Kodai (Takumi Saito) at the same company as Kie Hirano, but he is an elite salaryman. He is the eldest son in the Kodai family and he is also telepathic. Mitsumasa Kodai got his special ability to read other people’s mind from his British grandmother. Mitsumasa becomes attracted to Kie’s warm heart and her dreamy temperament. They begin to date and enjoy their days together, but Mitsumasa Kodai’s mother calls.

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Language:English, 日本語

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